Dior's Spring/Summer 2015 Ad Get Its Flower On

At this point, I am used to seeing Jennifer Lawrence in most Dior ads. I look forward to it, actually. America's Girl Crush is the face of the brand and she wears those glam gowns oh-so-well on red carpets, making for a perfect pairing. That said, a new Dior Spring/Summer 2015 ad, featuring a less familiar model and shot by Willy Vanderperre, is a beautiful exercise in understated contrast. The image actually allows you to focus on the handbag, the shoes, and the iconic logo, which is enhanced by flowers, as opposed to thinking, "OMG, look how awesome J. Law's hair looks in this handbag ad while she is growing out the pixie!"

In this newly-released ad, Aussie model Julia Nobis is rocking a blue romper with boxy shoulders and a square, top-handle bag, as well as structured, semi-masculine ankle boots. The angular nature of these apparel pieces is totally offset by the flower wrapped around the instantly recognizable logo, which matches the pattern on the hip side of the outfit.

It's such a lovely juxtaposition and if you are all about thinking positive, let the image remind you that spring and warmer weather are (eventually) on their way while we await the next blast of Arctic air or for the onset of the polar vortex this winter.

BTW, this white Dior frock, worn to the 2014 premiere of The Hunger Games, is probably my all-time favorite J. Law x Dior look. It was maximum slayage. I must admit, I'd love to see her in the outfit above, too. It'd be a bit of a change of pace for her.

Image: Dior (1)