Zara Reinvented This Early '00s Classic

There was a time when the brightly colored Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit was much-coveted by It girls the world over, but nowadays they're seen as a major fashion faux pas. One high-street retailer is trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, and create a look that's just as cozy as the once-beloved Juicy sweats but way more stylish. Zara's version of the tracksuit is so classy you'll not only want to wear it to work, but can probably get away with actually doing so.

To be fair, this outfit is made of velvet, so it has an automatic advantage over the stretchy, "velvet-meets-terry cloth" texture of velour. But I'll be damned if Zara's louche blazer, camisole, and athletic stripe pants don't look comfy enough to nap in. Plus, the ensemble is so chic and put-together that no one at your office will give you the side-eye if you roll in wearing it at 9 am on a Monday after sleeping in it all weekend (don't worry, that last part is our little secret).

The lewk isn't exactly cheap — those pants are $99.90, the blazer is $169, and the tank is $69.90 — but given that you'll literally never be taking this outfit off or purchasing other clothes again, I think it's pretty reasonable. You can't exactly put a price on cute pieces that feel like pajamas, especially when they look like this:

Good luck ever again finding the motivation to put skinny jeans on now that you know these pieces exist.

Image: Zara