Should These Trends Come Back in 2015?

We’ve talked a lot recently about trends we hope die out with the end of 2014 — but now that calendar page has flipped, let’s talk about trends we hope make a comeback in 215. There’s something about simultaneously looking to both the past and the present that I find quite invigorating; it only seems right to kick the year off, therefore, by thinking about the things from bygone eras that we’d like to see reemerge in the new year.

Perhaps as a follow-up to a thread from a few weeks ago, Redditor fppab posted a query to AskReddit this morning soliciting trends the content sharing site’s readers would like to see rise back to the fore in 2015. As is often the case on Reddit (and pretty much everywhere else, too), the definition of what exactly constitutes a “trend” runs a little fast and loose; for some, it might mean a mode of behavior or dress, while for others, it might be a pastime or an object. Generally I can get behind most of the suggestions, with one notable exception; after all, if we’re going to be planning any nostalgia parties anytime soon, we’re going to need everything from décor to activities to set the scene.

Here are a few of my favorites; head on over to AskReddit to read the whole thread. Got any to add?

1. Retro Toys

I would actually argue that retro toys like yoyos have been having a moment for a while now (because let’s face it: Everything retro has been having a moment for a while now) — but I kind of like the idea of them being a thing everyone keeps in their pockets, just in case they need some amusement. It would be a nice break from smartphone games, no?

2. Drive Ins has a list of every currently operating drive-in in the U.S.; check it out to find one near you. Drive ins are the best.

3. Challenging People to Duels

Have at thee!

4. This:

No. Why? No. I reject this suggestion.

5. Practical Layered Clothing Storage

Or, alternatively, slinging it around your shoulders.

6. Fist Bumping

Wait, fist bumping isn’t a thing anymore? Blast. Looks like I need to get with the times.

7. The iPod Classic

None of this touch screen nonsense. Click wheels 4 eva.

8. The Word “Rad”

Rad, dude.

9. Capes and Cloaks

Does anyone else have the sneaking suspicions that, if left to their own devices, capes and cloaks might become the next fedora?

10. Baseball Cards

But do they come with bubble gum?

11. Televisions with Wood Paneling

In my head, a modern wood-paneled TV would look like some kind of super cool, steampunk-inspired device with all sorts of brass fittings and spring-loaded knobs and stuff for accents. Want.

12. Redefining Words and Making Them Slang Terms

How many times do we have to do over this, Gretchen? “Fetch” was never a thing in the first place, so how on earth can it come back?

13. These:

I still can’t believe Saturday morning cartoons don’t exist anymore. My childhood is dead. Siiiiiiiigh.

14. Cargos

I have one pair of cargo pants I refuse to get rid of specifically for this reason. They’re the only useful variety of trousers that has ever been invented in the entire history of trousers.

15. Common Courtesy

Yes, please.

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