Are Jimmy's Lobster Hands Really Gone on 'AHS: Freak Show'? This Could Be Another Ryan Murphy Fake-Out

Remember back in the days of your youth when the thought of running away to join the circus sounded like the coolest thing ever? Well, I think we can all agree that American Horror Story: Freak Show has officially ruined that child-like dream for us because from everything I've seen this season, a carnival lifestyle does not seem like a whole lot of fun. You know, what with the lies, deceit, oh and constant murder happening on a daily basis. But hey, that's just me. Anyway, the point is that life could be better in Jupiter, Florida right now, especially for poor Jimmy Darling, who cut off his lobster hands in order to afford a lawyer. Or at least that's what the show wants us to believe.

If you recall, during Freak Show's winter finale "Orphans," Maggie took Desiree to the American Morbidity Museum to show her what exactly Stanley has been up to since they first arrived in town. But there was one — or should I say two — items on display that Maggie had not accounted for, and that was Jimmy's pleasure-inducing hands. (The housewife community will be so disappointed.) Sure, the idea had been hinted at during Jimmy and Stanley's little chat in jail, but to see them actually removed and on display like that was certainly a shock to the system — especially after seeing the Jan. 7 promo, which still showed Jimmy with both of his hands intact:

Umm, confusing much? I mean, how can his hands still be attached when we've clearly seen them sealed up in a glass jar? I say something is definitely amiss in regards to this storyline, which means it's time we all take a second look at this puzzling plot to try and narrow down our options and make sense of all the madness. Think of it as a more "hands on" approach, if you will. (Too soon?)

The Promo Is Just a Flashback

This season has proven to be very fond of the whole flashback process, which has served to show viewers several different character backstories. For all we know, this could simply be Jimmy or Stanley recalling their conversation prior to the hand chopping, which would mean it actually did happen and that sneaky Ryan Murphy is just trying to confuse us. (I'd say mission accomplished, wouldn't you?)

The Museum Trip Was Another Flashforward or Fantasy

Of course, there's always the chance that Maggie and Desiree's little visit to the museum hasn't actually happened yet… or may never even happen at all, for that matter. I've mentioned before how I've had enough of these AHS dream sequences, but that doesn't mean they've stopped happening. (I only wish I was that powerful.) Chances are, Murphy will somehow turn that entire museum scene into a fake-out scenario that never really happened (at least not yet), which means Jimmy still has a chance of keeping his hands attached to the rest of his body. Ladies, rejoice!

Jimmy Has a Twin

This one may seem a little too far fetched for your liking, but AHS: Freak Show has been circling around the idea of twins all season: first with conjoined twins Bette and Dot and then there was that whole Elsa twin theory floating around as well. It could be possible that Jimmy has an unknown twin out there, or at least someone who has his exact same hand condition and it's those hands that Maggie saw on display, not Jimmy's. (Or maybe it's Joey's identical hand twin!) It would certainly add an unexpected twist to the story, though when it comes to this series, I suppose most things are unexpected. Either way, if it means we get double the amount of Evan Peters I'm totally up for it. In fact, I'm willing to say it'd be the greatest AHS surprise ever — hands down.

Images: Frank Ockenfels/FX; itsallinyourdestiny14/Tumblr; americxanhorrorstory/Tumblr; petersfever101/Tumblr