16 Videos of Little Kids and Animals Being Cute in the Snow Because It's Cold and You Deserve This

Winter is no longer coming. Winter is here, and no amount of hearty chuckles at Game of Thrones jokes will be able to keep you warm against this kind of chill. Odds are, if you live in a place that experiences actual winter, you've already had some snow this year. And if you're anywhere near where I live right now, you maybe also woke up to several inches of snow and pretended to be Elsa to ease the pain of trudging out into the storm and freeing your poor car from its clutches. Look, it's cold and we're all stressed, and the only guaranteed fix-it (besides boozy hot cocoa, but it might a be a little early in the day) is a slew of videos of kids and animals being cute in the snow. Ya know, to remind us that snow isn't entirely evil.

I'm pretty sure there aren't any videos of kids or animals in snow that aren't inherently adorable, so you can't really go wrong by YouTube searching it yourself, but when you're so busy chattering your teeth and complaining about the temperature of the office, who has the time? Fret not, fellow winter warriors. We have compiled come ice cold internet cuteness that will get you through the day:

1. This little girl discovering the combo of ice and gravity for the first time in the world's smallest ice patch

CreateContent on YouTube

2. Approximately one million golden retriever puppies playing in the snow

Heath Puppies on YouTube

3. This kitten mewing in the snow with her rambunctious puppy pal

MamaCase on YouTube

4. This kid screaming "JESUS MAKE IT WARM!!!" at the top of his little human lungs*

Poke My Heart on YouTube

Quite possibly the best thirty seconds of my life were spent watching this video.

5. This cat making its own snow home

pjk033 on YouTube

6. This excited Husky puppy's first time in the snow

Molly Price on YouTube

7. This baby seal whose mewing will break your heart

Sarah Brightmann on YouTube

8. This baby confounded by the existence of snow (featuring a partner-in-crime doggy)

1happyemma on YouTube

9. This dog maneuvering in a man-made snow maze

Andrew Himelson on YouTube

10. This cat who swims (like a boss) through the snow

starvis89 on YouTube

11. This fox diving headfirst into snow like a total badass

Discovery on YouTube

12. These itty bitty polar bear cubs scootin' around on their bums

BBC Earth Unplugged on YouTube

13. This little girl who is WAY more excited about her snow day than you are

Andreas Heinakroon on YouTube

14. This momma dog playing with her adorable puppy brood

Poke My Heart on YouTube

15. These happy little snow kids feeding horsies

GoPro on YouTube

16. These spectacular compilation of happy snow dogs being their bad selves