‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer & Michelle Clunie Welcome a Baby Boy with a Very Long Name — PHOTO

It's official: at 49 years old, X-Men director Bryan Singer is now a father, and it happened in one of the coolest ways possible. In case you're not up to date on the situation, Singer (who is openly bisexual) and his best friend — and Queer as Folk star — Michelle Clunie, made the decision "years ago" to have a baby together that they'd parent as a team, and now their plan has finally come to fruition. On Jan. 6, Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singer made his way into the world, and there's no doubt that he has two parents who are so glad he's here.

Singer announced the good news on Twitter in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, sharing the most adorable photo of himself and Clunie, happily cradling their newborn in the delivery room. And although Dashiell's conception wasn't the most traditional, I think it's a sign that things are rapidly evolving in our world. I love that there's no longer a "right way" to have a baby, and that Singer and Clunie were willing to prove this in the process of having a baby they obviously wanted so much.

When news first broke of Clunie's pregnancy, one of Singer's reps made the following statement:

Best friends for 25 years, mother and father are both very excited about the upcoming birth and look forward to co-parenting the child together. The pair have been planning this baby for years and have been trying for the last two.

And now, that baby is finally here — and he's super adorable to boot.

Singer was most recently in the news when the sexual abuse case against him was withdrawn by his accuser, Michael Egan. Since then, Singer's lawyer has said that their next goal is to "fight to clear his name and intend to pursue charges of malicious prosecution against Egan.”

Congratulations on the baby, Singer and Clunie! More pictures, please?