Rosamund Pike Deserves the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama & Here’s Why

Warning: Major Gone Girl spoilers ahead. The countdown to Hollywood's biggest party of the year has officially begun, so it's time to start casting your bets for the winner's circle. At the moment, my money is on Rosamund Pike for Best Actress in a Drama at the Golden Globes this year. Why? Because she was a magnificently diabolical diva in Gone Girl, and that performance really deserves some form of statue.

Pike has enjoyed a lengthy career in showbiz thus far, but her role as the bright-star-turned-psychopath Amy Elliott-Dunne can be considered her breakout role in American film. Pike's reprisal of Amy was at once terrifyingly ruthless and glorious. In a subversive performance, her character gave the notion of the "likable" woman the middle finger. You found yourself shocked and appalled at her behavior at one moment, and rooting for her the next. This role, central to the story of Gillian Flynn's New York Times best-selling novel, was a tough one to bring from page to screen. However, Pike did it with verve, passion, and a badass attitude worthy of serious critical recognition.

So, let's break it down with our bad selves, shall we? Here are four reasons that Rosamund Pike should win the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama in 2015.

Her Lead Roles Are Finally Getting Recognition

The British actress has been nominated for numerous awards over the course of her tenure as an actress, most of which are for supporting roles. Her role in the film Barney's Version earned her nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the Genie Awards and the Satellite Awards. She was also nominated in 2009 as Best Supporting Actress at the London Critic's Film Circle Awards for her role in An Education. But Pike's role in Gone Girl is sweeping the award shows for nominations in the category of leading actress. In addition to her first Golden Globe nod for Best Actress, this role has landed her nominations for a Satellite Award, an a Screen Actors Guild Award in the lead actress category. It would be awesome to see her get some recognition as the bride rather than the bridesmaid this time around.

Her Role in Gone Girl Was One of the Most Buzzed-About Performances of the Year

I mean, who wasn't talking about Gone Girl? Whether you adored the film, detested it, saw it as backhandedly sexist, or thought it was nowhere near as good as the book, this movie was on everyone and their second cousin's lips this year. Even if you thought Ben Affleck was kinda "meh," everyone pretty much has to agree that Rosamund Pike killed it.

Amy Elliott-Dunne is a Boss Who Gets Stuff Done

As the centerpiece of the film, Pike's role was a polarizing one to say the least. While she was a textbook shadow figure who was horrifying in her sociopathy, Pike animated new kind of female villain. She was so coolly detached, so resourceful and smart, that I found myself wanting her to succeed in all her dastardly endeavors. She was exacting, psychologically complex, well-rounded, and powerful in a way that you couldn't help but admire.

This Scene Alone

The denouement scene when Amy staggers back to Nick in front of flashing bulbs and prying eyes is a vision of circus-like campy perfection. Drenched in the blood of Neil Patrick Harris while serving "damsel in shock" realness, she faints in his arms, causing the whole theater drops to its knees. #Unapolagetic. PIKE, FTW!!!

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