Andi Dorfman Made Her Own Dress For $15 And Then Wore It To 'The Bachelor' Premiere

On Monday night, The Bachelor season 19 premiered, and America still hasn't come down from its Prince-Farming induced high. TBH, I can't really believe how long we've been fascinated with the show. I mean seriously, 19 seasons?! Nothing lasts that long. ABC hosted a live viewing party which included a whole red carpet shindig, complete with appearances from many past BachelorIBachelorette contestants. Of attendance were Andi and Josh, the latest successful love story to come from the show, looking totally gorgeous. What you might not know, Andi Dorfman made her own dress for The Bachelor premiere party for a whopping $15. Yup. Fifteen. Dollars.

How freaking cool is she? If she didn't already win you over during her fantastic season, this should have sealed the deal. Andi says she simply couldn't find anything that suited her fancy, so she decided to create something herself. “I sewed it on the plane, so don’t look too closely at the hemline — seriously don’t." Andi told PEOPLE. Made it on the plane?! I'm officially impressed — girl is talented.

Dorfman balanced out the low-cost dress with some fabulous Jimmy Choo accessories, which she says feels like it makes up for it.

Impressive, isn't it?