We Won't Be Seeing the 'Veep' for a While

White House is in the house! Well, not quite yet. HBO announced this week that along with Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, Veep won't return to television until April 12. I guess they want to space their sitcoms out, since Looking and Girls are premiering now with the new series Togetherness. I don't quite understand the pairing of Veep with Game of Thrones, however. Maybe the two shows are assumed to have different audiences, but I personally fall in both categories and can't process comedy right after the brutal drama of Westeros.

The vice presidential satire will most likely take home a trophy at the Golden Globes over the weekend. Only star Julia Louis-Dreyfus was nominated this year, though Anna Chlumsky is totally deserving for Best Supporting Actress, and Tony Hale, Timothy Simons, Reid Scott, and Matt Walsh should all be dominating the Best Supporting Actor category. While I scoff sometimes at Louis-Dreyfus winning awards over Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, or this year's nominees, it's not like she or the show is undeserving. I'm not really upset, I just wish everyone could win! Veep has me in hysterics week after week. Perhaps it's good that we have until well after Easter to prepare for new episodes.

What do we even know about Season 4 of Veep? Not a whole lot. There's no teaser trailer. HBO might debut one with their Sunday premieres, but so far, nothing. Last year, our first teaser was just Selina fighting balloons. While funny, it didn't tell us much about the season to come. At least we have enough time to get to speculating.

Now that POTUS has resigned, leaving Selena Meyer to become Commander in Chief, what is she going to do next? That twist really has made the show a weird, comedic counterpart to House of Cards . What is Catherine going to be like as First Daughter? Plus, Selina will be on the campaign trail again while also trying to run the country. Knowing her team's ability to single-task, I'm sure that level of multitasking won't go very well. Here are the few things that we know for certain are on the docket for April.

House, MD Is Checking In

That's right, Hugh Laurie will return to television on Veep. Whether he will become a secret Brit again and play an American politician or don his natural accent remains to be seen. Either way, his dry sense of humor is sure to be a good fit for Veep. It'll be fun to see that let loose on HBO. TVLine made the observation that with Selina as president, there needs to be a new vice president. You can't have Grey's Anatomy without a Grey, and you can't have Veep without a veep.

Her New Handler Is Here To Stay... In Some Capacity

In addition, Sam Richardson has been promoted to series regular as Richard. He accompanied Selena on her book tour last year, promoting the not-so "auto" biography Some New Beginnings. Richard will remain on Team Meyer, but probably not as a handler. That might require holding bags. You can't take Gary's bags away from him!

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