Matt LeBlanc & Andrea Anders Split Up After 8 Years Together, But He's Going to Be Just Fine

The more I think about this news, the more depressing it gets — especially since I only just started watching Friends now that it's on Netflix. Matt LeBlanc, who is best known as the flirtatious Joey Tribbiani on Friends, is notoriously less promiscuous in real-life than his television counterpart. He was married once Melissa McKnight from 2003 to 2006 and he and his current girlfriend, Andrea Anders, have been together for eight years. But not anymore. According to E! Online, LeBlanc and Anders broke up months ago. Months ago! After eight whole years together. Someone please pass the Kleenex.

This news is particularly surprising because it comes after endless reports of trouble in paradise — specifically, reports that LeBlanc has been cheating on Anders after being seen at an event alone and allegedly hooking up with several women at a party. His rep denies that ever happened, and that denial is definitely backed up by the pronouncement that Anders and LeBlanc have been separated for months. On the one hand, it's a good thing that it took months for this news to get out as it gives the pair ample time to get over it before being forced to see it splashed over magazines and on the Internet for weeks on end, but it's still a depressing occasion. Eight years of love is not something you say goodbye to lightly.

No explanation was given for why things ultimately didn't work out between LeBlanc and Anders, but it's equally reassuring that infidelity wasn't the cause of their split. And I can't honestly say that I'm worried about LeBlanc. Like his on-screen Friends counterpart, he's a very handsome man with charm and Great Acting Talent. I can't imagine that it will be in any way difficult for him to get back into the dating game when he's ready to dip his toes into the pool again. I mean, he's already got the perfect pick-up line.

Image: adriannaxoxomeow/Tumblr