Vans and Liberty Have Teamed Up Again

Let it be known that 2014 was the year I finally became a sneaker convert. I've loathed sneaks for most of my life, but now that so many stylish options are on the market, I just can't seem to resist. Next up on my wishlist? Vans latest collaboration with Liberty Art Fabrics!

Vans is somewhat of a master collaborator (that skate-park ready Star Wars line sticks out in my mind as a clear winner) and they've teamed up with the London design house several times in the past, always to great affect. Liberty's cheerful prints, be they floral, paisley, or something else entirely, are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to sprucing up the classic Vans silhouettes.

This latest collection is no exception. The women's styles include a bright floral slip on that will have you seriously wishing for spring and an Alice in Wonderland print that's too whimsical to pass up. For men there's a blue floral and striped style and a silvery pair inspired by Art Deco motifs that I wish came in a women's size six. And the best part? At $60 or $65 a pop, they're affordable for unbelievably chic teens and grown-up fashion lovers alike!

Check out all four looks below and head on over to to pick up a pair. Or all the pairs. I won't judge.

Image: Vans