The Whole Story Behind Clare Crawley's 911 Call

You may have been watching the drama unfold onscreen, but during Monday's Bachelor premiere one former contestant was having some problems offscreen. Former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise member Clare Crawley ended Monday night with a 911 call and a visit from the paramedics, who hooked her up to an IV. But what was the reason for the health scare? It depends on who you're talking to.

TMZ has claimed Clare's medical needs were related to excessive drinking on The Bachelor Season 19 red carpet. "Boozy Premiere ENDS IN 911 SCARE" their headline shouts. According to the accompanying article Clare began "experiencing hot flashes, severe cramping, and unbearable nausea following a full day of partying leading up to the show's premiere party." They claim that, feeling ill after the red carpet, Clare retreated to her hotel room where her friend Michelle Money called the paramedics when Clare didn't recover.

Apparently the trifecta of Clare's empty stomach, lack of proper hydration, and "the fact she claims she never drinks ... which she did that night" played a role in her illness. TMZ concludes the article by ridiculing Clare for her actions. "DATING TIP: Guys like a woman who can handle their liquor," the final line reads.

I have a couple of issues with this version of events: One, because it's TMZ, and two, because there's a lot more to the story. According to Michelle Money, who chronicled Clare's paramedic rescue on Instagram, this was nothing more than a case of a "long day on the red carpet" and dehydration.

Clare tried to clear up the story on her end too, rejecting the idea that she'd been drinking.

Which story is the accurate one? I'd have to go with Michelle Money and Clare's side. Having watched the premiere I did notice Clare seemed a little out of it when Chris Harrison interviewed her. She seemed disoriented and asked him to repeat a question, but not because she was wasted. In my opinion, she just seemed woozy from the long day (and now we know her dehydration played a role), but she wasn't slurring her speech or giving off any indicators that she was drunk.

The paramedics part of the story might be right, but the conclusion seems unfair. Feel better, Clare!