Will The 'Globes' Give Lena Her Due in 2015?

Season 4 of Girls premieres on Jan. 11, so how fitting would it be if creator and star Lena Dunham won for Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy at the 72nd Golden Globes that same night? Her fellow nominees are Edie Falco (for Nurse Jackie), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (for Veep), Gina Rodriguez (for Jane The Virgin), and Taylor Schilling (for Orange is the New Black). Last year, host Amy Poehler took home the award for Parks and Recreation, but she wasn't even nominated this year (tear), so that takes away any chance of an actress getting a back-to-back win. Falco, Louis-Dreyfus, and Dunham were all nominated in 2014, and Louis-Dreyfus and Dunham were against each other in 2013 too. Dunham won that year, so ever since Girls premiered on HBO in 2012, she has been nominated for a Golden Globe. Could she repeat the feat of winning in 2015?

Louis-Dreyfus is a perennial Emmy favorite (she has nabbed the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for Veep the last three years), but has yet to win a Globe for her Selina Meyer performance. So there is a chance she could take it this year — and I think she is Dunham's stiffest competition. The other big contender would be Falco. She has been nominated four times for her role of Jackie Peyton and has never won a Globe for it. But Season 6 of Nurse Jackie has the lowest critic rating of all its seasons on Rotten Tomatoes, so maybe this isn't her year. Plus, Season 7 of Nurse Jackie will be its last, so it would be fitting if Falco won the Golden Globe in 2016 for her final season in the role.

As for the other nominees, Rodriguez is new to the awards scene and Jane the Virgin was also nominated for Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy. Perhaps both the show (it did just win the People's Choice Award for new comedy) and Rodriguez could win. It might sound crazy, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Samberg in 2014, and Girls and Lena Dunham in 2013 showed us that it can be done. Apparently, the Globes like to reward new series and their stars. Although I would be genuinely surprised if Jane The Virgin and Rodriguez pulled off the same thing. (It is on The CW after all — burn!)

And what about Schilling? Well, there's much debate over whether Orange is the New Black should even be categorized as a comedy. But considering that Nurse Jackie is continuously put in the comedy column as well (and Falco has explicitly said that Nurse Jackie is not a comedy), this is nothing new. The tricky categorization shouldn't be held against Schilling, but last year she was nominated for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama, so it could lead to some confusion among the Hollywood Foreign Press Association voters.

As previously mentioned, Girls won the Emmy for Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy back in 2013 for its first season — and it has been nominated all three years its been on the air like its creator. So the Globes definitely have a soft spot for the series. And who can blame them? Whether you love the divisive Girls or hate it (I was in the latter column at first and have grown to adore it), you can't deny its originality and unique characters. Dunham is always unabashedly truthful in her performance as Hannah Horvath.

You may not like Hannah, but that's not the point. It took me awhile to separate Hannah from Lena, but once I did, I realized the true talent Dunham has in both her writing and acting. I believe Hannah and every outrageously selfish thing she does (and she did a lot of selfish things in Season 3). She always has me coming back, wanting more. Although, I may never (ever) want Hannah to win a Golden Globe (especially twice!), Dunham has more than earned it.

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