How Did Eddie Redmayne & Hannah Bagshawe Meet? First, One of Them Employed the Other...

It's safe to say that British actor Eddie Redmayne broke many fans' hearts last December. After all, the Theory of Everything star officially tied the knot with his lady friend of three years in a candlelit "Winter Wonderland" themed wedding. But now that Redmayne is officially off the market, some fans might be wondering how this relationship began. How did Eddie Redmayne meet Hannah Bagshawe? The actor's wife, works in — get this — public relations. So that question can be answered with two words: good publicity!

Bagshawe and Redmayne reportedly met in a professional setting, which was probably a little awkward for them if they felt the spark of a romance from the get-go. After all, since Bagshawe is in PR, she was actually going to start work in publicity for him. Could you imagine having to repeatedly say positive things in public about someone who you might have secretly seen as a potential partner?

But if there was any initial awkwardness, it must have been obvious soon after that the attraction was mutual. The two soon made it clear that they did not see each other just as colleagues, or even just as friends. They officially began stepping out together as a couple in January 2012 and have been attached at the hip for glamorous red carpet events ever since. And it looks like they still have nothing but the most positive and supportive things to say about each other.

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Redmayne told People that Bagshawe actually still helps him get dressed for the fancy events the two attend. Because he is color blind, he often has difficulty making sure that parts of his outfits match and work well together, and so he appreciates Bagshawe's keen eye for fashion. "I'm lucky to be with someone who is very supportive," he told the magazine.

It seems like the themes of business and pleasure mixing well and good publicity for one another continued all the way up to the pair's wedding ceremony, which Bagshawe meticulously planned out to fit the winter theme, so that Redmayne could focus on his work on Theory of Everything. Bagshawe even thought to include fake movie snow for their happy day. "Hannah’s like, 'Well, you work at Pinewood studios — can’t you fix up some fake snow?'" Redmayne told The Daily Mail.

Seeing as the two made their debut on the red carpet on Jan. 4 as husband and wife looking as happy — and snazzy — as ever, it looks like they're headed for some more really positive and supportive times ahead as newlyweds. Congrats!

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