This Tiny Baby Dancing to "Let It Go" Is Something You Need and Deserve To Watch — VIDEO

Ok, I get—we’re all sick of “Let It Go”. Watching little kids freak out about the Frozen song is so 2014. After over a year of what seems like thousands of covers and parodies, with everyone from farmers to dads to dogs taking part, some of us would rather walk naked into a frozen tundra than listen to yet another rendition of the mega-successful power ballad. When you clicked on this post, you probably thought, “Ugh, not another ­­Frozen video. So, what, a kid dances to “Let It Go”? That song is cheesy. It’s overplayed. And was it even really that good to begin with? I was never as into it as everybody else was, anyway. Harrumph.”

But just watch how much this little boy does not care about your cynical, joy-killing hipster-ism. When he hears Idina Menzel’s voice soaring, declaring her hard-won independence, this child is seized by vicarious joy, his heart’s song rising to meet hers, his arms and legs electrified by a melody in synchronicity with his own soul. With every jerk and sway of his round little baby body, he declares his love for Frozen, a love deeper and more pure than most people will experience in their entire adult lives. He is happier in this moment than you have ever been, than you will ever be. Dance on, child! Dance on for all of us!

Image: Disney