Your 'Sister Wives' Family Cheat Sheet

There are officially too many families with large amounts of children on TLC. Between the families from 19 Kids and Counting, Sister Wives, and My Five Wives — all of which boast kid counts in the double digits — there are way too many to keep track of, and that's not even counting the Gosselins of reality shows past. I pride myself on being able to name all 19 of the Duggars, but that's where my knowledge stops. And being that Sister Wives is officially back, I'm probably not the only one who needs a refresher on the Brown kids from Sister Wives . Between all the children Kody shares with Meri, Robyn, Christine, and Janelle, I'm not sure how they can even remember their names.

If you're like me, you're in luck. Here's a handy guide to remind you of which kid goes with which family (complete with hilarious throwback pics wherever possible)... and a few tips on how to keep them all straight while you're watching the show. You're welcome.

And if you think you might want a big family like this one, think again. Just imagining how much it must cost to keep this household running — especially with a few of the kids now in college — is giving me a headache.


Meri's the easiest. She and Kody only have one daughter, 18-year-old Mariah, who is already out of the house and in college. Mariah is easy to identify, because she looks exactly like her mom. Good thing, too, because I deeply pity the children who favor their dad, as I fear that they, too, will grow up to have his hair.


Janelle's children are Madison (18), Savanah (8), Garrison (16), Logan (19), Hunter (17), and Gabriel (13). Logan's the really cute one who recently got into body building (thank you, Logan), and Hunter is the sassy one. If there's a conflict between the kids or between the kids and the parents, he's usually at the center of it. Madison looks identical to her mom, and the younger kids don't tend to get much screen time.


Christine's children are basically anyone with a super unique name: Apsyn (19), Mykelti (18), Paedon (16), Gwendlyn (13), Ysabel (11), and Truely (4). For that reason, her kids are pretty much the easiest to pick out.


Three of Robyn's kids are from her previous monogamous marriage: Dayton (15), Aurora (14), and Breanna (9). Breanna happens to be the most ridiculously gorgeous 9-year-old I've ever seen. After they tied the knot, Robyn and Kody had another child together: Solomon, who's now 3.

Images: TLC (5)