These Break Dancers Put Fireworks in Their Shoes

You know how sometimes you see a trick and the people doing it are like, "Don't try this at home! *wink wink*"? This is not one of those moments. Seriously, guys, don't try this at home, or anywhere else, for that matter. Both because this video of break dancers with fireworks on their shoes looks incredibly dangerous, and also because—let's be honest—after you watch them you'll realize that it would just be embarrassing trying to top it. This is like the Halley's Comet of break dancing. This kind of beauty should only be appreciated every 75 years or so, and everything else can just go home.

2014 was already an impressive year for break dancing, from the 11-year-old girl who broke it down to summer smash hits to the guy who danced to "Am I Wrong" so casually he might have done it on accident. But these dancers, LIL AMOK and BBOY SNOOP from Frankfurt, Germany, have already set the break dancing bar for 2015 at an entirely new level with their fireworks display.

I cannot vouch for how safe it is (I'm assuming not at all, not even a little bit); They are quite literally attaching chargers to their feet and I suppose praying for the best. As a doomsday, worst-case-scenario, all-around nervous person, this video makes me want to call all of their mothers to collect them before they set themselves on fire. But as a secret pyromaniac, I cannot look away. Although arguably the best part of this video is the close-up shot on one dancer, who declares triumphantly, "You know what time it is."

Enjoy some secondhand terror and awe by watching the break dancers who might have just discovered the preliminary prototype for the flying jetpack shoes we all secretly want.

Image: YouTube