11 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was Absolutely Amazing With His Younger Fans — PHOTOS

I think I pretty much speak for everyone when I say that I'm still so thrilled that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to have a baby. His fans know well that he's wanted to be a dad for years, and now he finally gets to live that dream with his fiancée Sophie Hunter. I'm sure he'll make a great father, especially if Cumberbatch's interactions with his kid fans are any indication of his parenting skills.

He's done movies for every age range, so it's not surprising that Cumberbatch's fan base stretches from young kids to not-so-young adults. But it's always cool to see him bonding with a little kid at an event or giving a child a high five. He treats them just like little versions of regular people, giving them his undivided time and attention whenever one shows up on set or at an autograph signing.

“I was always the one at parties who looked after the younger children. I really enjoyed it," he once said. It's just another thing he has in common with Tom Hiddleston, who is also great with his younger fans. With all that practice, Cumberbatch is sure to be an awesome dad.

But since it'll be months before we get to see him in action with his own kid, let's enjoy all the times Benedict Cumberbatch adorably hung out with his youngest fans.

When He Held All the Babies

Look at that head cradle. He's an expert already.

When He Was a Jungle Gym

That kid is literally climbing on his face, and Cumberbatch doesn't even care.

When He Made His Child Co-Stars Feel Comfortable On Set

If I didn't know better, I'd think this was just Cumberbatch hanging out with his own kids, he looks so invested.

When He Posed With a Group of Young Fans

While on a field trip, these students ran into the set of Parade's End. Can you say best field trip ever?

When He Danced With This Baby

They're in their own little world of happiness.

When He Met This Young Sherlock Fan

He totally made the kid's day.

And Then Photobombed Him


When He Was Genuinely Excited to Talk to This Little Girl

She's obvi the most important person in the room, and Cumberbatch couldn't care less about Rupert Graves.

When He Chatted With His Co-Star Off Set

You can practically hear Cumberbatch taking the time to explain things to this young Parade's End actor. Adorable.

When He Read Juliette Lea's Story

In 2014, Cumberbatch read 9 year old Lea's Bronze Award winning short story. You can listen to the full thing here. Isn't he so adorable hanging out with her during the performance?

When He Met These Kids at a Signing

Sparky4ever on YouTube

High fives and waves goodbye. He really knows how to interact with children.

If this is how he treats his fans, I can't wait to someday see him with his own baby.

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