When Will the Apple Watch Be For Sale? Probably In March So Start Planning For The Mother Of Wearable Tech Launches

Wearable tech isn't going anywhere in 2015. In fact, the trend that makes functional, plugged in devices look cool and fashionable is probably going to be amplified. Rumor has it that the Apple Watch will arrive in March, and it's likely going to be the mother of all wearable tech launches. Are you ready? I don't think you are.

According to sources, the do-it-all watch, which is more than a iPhone on your wrist, is not slated to ship until the end of March. Apple initially offered the nebulous "early 2015" as its intended launch date, as the company was continuing to test the battery and hammering out the night charging process. Who doesn't lose their mind over the glitches anytime a new iPhone iOS or MAC Book OS is released? So it makes sense to let the nerds and developers work out the kinks.

It's been reported that the watch will be offered in the Standard, Sport, and Edition collections. There will be several wristbands available, too. The pricing varies depending on materials; the metal and glass sport model will set you back by $349, while the fancy stainless steel and sapphire crystal standard model may empty your wallet by as much as $500. There also is a gold version, if you feel like dropping a couple thousand dollars.

Don't get too, too excited just yet. There could be additional delays related to software and manufacturing, which would push the launch of the timepiece. You-know-what happens.

However, Apple employees who actually sell the gadgets will partake in an extensive testing program next month so that they are fully familiar with the product and can share that knowledge with their co-workers. That's good news, because it indicates forward progress.

I can speculate and you can speculate. But until there is some sort of physical interaction with this latest innovation or there is a line wrapped around the building of the local Apple store when it's available for purchase, it remains just that — speculation.

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