You Can Pre-Order Gabifresh's Swimwear Tomorrow

Even if you know almost nothing about the size acceptance movement, efforts in body positivity and size inclusivity, or plus-size blogging as a whole, chances are you still know Gabi Gregg. For over six years, Gabi has been redefining constructs of "plus-size fashion rules" whilst collaborating with some of the biggest brands out there to show the beauty in every size. She's undoubtedly used her journalistic background to maintain a professional standard of writing and design when it comes to her platforms, whilst keeping all of her work grounded in body positivity and feminism. And let's not forget that she's the founder of the blessed fatkini movement — a photo-based effort that aims at proving that every body is a beach body, and that plus-size women deserve to look and feel sexy in their swimwear.

In 2013, her fatkini love manifested itself in a collaboration with Swimsuits 4 All (that galaxy bikini still being my favorite swimsuit of all time), and it was followed by the release of a two-piece, Aztec-print midkini last year. For 2015, however, the blogger and the plus-size swimwear brand are releasing nine (you read that correctly) gorgeous bikinis and one-pieces. And they'll officially be on pre-sale tomorrow.

Almost two weeks ago, Gabi started sharing teasers of her new collection via Instagram, but the newly released images of the nine bathing suits are something else. We knew that if this collection was to stay true to the Gabifresh aesthetic, there'd need to be bold prints, use of mesh and cutouts, traditionally "un-flattering" hues, and that perfect combination of sex appeal and gorgeous glam. And not one swimsuit disappointed.

When it comes to the logistical stuff, it's worth noting that every swimsuit is under $100, and will be sold in a 12 to 24 range in D/DD cups and in a 18 to 24 range in E/F cups for extra comfort and support. It's truly incredible to see how these designs take almost every fashion rule associated with the larger form and basically smash it to pieces. The reality is that all bodies are stunning — and therefore all fat bodies are stunning. As plus-size women, we've been told the contrary far too many times. But it's collections such as these that help revamp those singular and linear definitions of beauty. And that make us feel (and look) magical whilst doing it.

So check them out, guys. Pre-sale begins tomorrow on Swimsuits 4 All, and the items will be shipped out starting January 19. Just in time for that early spring vacay you were hoping to take, right?

Those flamingos will be mine! Considering the history in everything that the genius duo has designed thus far, I'm pretty sure we can expect another sell-out collection this time. My advice: Stalk the Internet from the moment you awake to ensure you're amongst the first people to click "Checkout."

Images: Swimsuits 4 All