This Is the Kind Of Porn Everyone's Watching

What's the most popular type of porn in the world? To answer that and most other porn-related questions, we can now just consult PornHub's 2014 Year in Review. Because let's face it, porn preferences are pretty revealing. I don't always know precisely what they reveal, but they definitely reveals something. Like the fact that butts are more popular than boobs in the U.S., or the fact that Democratic states tend to watch more porn per capita than Republican states. How do we interpret these things? I don't know, but it seems significant.

And if there is a website capable of giving us a breakdown of the world's porn habits, it's probably PornHub. The site not only gets 35,000 visits per minute, according to their records, but they're also good about keeping track of their viewing data in order to treat us all to neat little factoids we wish we never knew, like "family themed porn" being especially popular in the U.S. around the holidays.

Plus, they do cool things like put up a SFW billboard in Times Square or plant trees as part of their "PornHub Gives America Wood" campaign. And they're also a popular destination for posting videos of World Cup matches.

And did I mention they receive 35,000 visitors per minute? Here, check out this info on their viewership:

Of course, that many visitors leads to a lot of a variety, though certain patterns do emerge. According to their data, the most popular search term globally was teen, with lesbian coming in a close second. Which actually is kind of unsettling when you think about it. I mean, I am fully aware that porn is about fantasy and that people at least theoretically are fully capable of separating it from reality, but still, the fact that sexualizing lesbians (presumably mostly by men, since only 23 percent of PornHubs viewers are female) and teenagers (most of whom are obviously underage) is so popular is not really ideal.

But then people are entitled to their fantasy, so long as it doesn't spill over into their attitude about real people and issues.

When we look at popular search terms by country, on the other hand, the trend that most clearly emerges is that people in most countries — especially where English is not the dominant language — people on PornHub are most likely to search for things related to their own country.

To be sure, a lot of these are probably people trying primarily to find videos in their native language, but not all. I guess people are nationalistic even when it comes to porn.

And speaking of nationalistic pride, it seems that visitors from some countries stay on the site longer than others. Is this evidence of how long it takes some citizens to settle on a video or more of a referendum on how long they...well...last, while watching? I'll let you all believe what you want, but for what it's worth, the U.S. doesn't do so bad, with average visits of nine minutes and 40 seconds, which is above the global average of nine minutes and 16 seconds. Unfortunately, though, it's also closer to the lowest average visit time (six minutes and 26 seconds from Azerbaijan) than it is to the longest (13 minutes and 39 seconds from Nepal).

So which parts of the country are dragging the U.S. down? Well, here's the average visit times by state.

Stupid Utah, always dragging everyone down.

For more information on PornHub's traffic, including the most popular videos and porn stars of 2014, and which holidays created the biggest drop-offs in traffic, you can check out the full Year in Review here.

Images (4): Pornhub