You Have to See This Adorable 'Idol' Audition

Just when you thought the American Idol auditions couldn't get any better, the producers bring in a pint-sized contestant to sing "Let It Go." Seriously, how cute was she?! Sure, there are plenty of little girls singing extremely adorable renditions of the Frozen song on YouTube, but little Hope Kime brought her version to the Idol audition room. Keith Urban had a few technical comments, of course, but she brought a tear to Jennifer Lopez's eye. Even Ryan Seacrest loved her performance. A unanimous "yes" from the table of judges earned her the coveted ticket to Hollywood making her the youngest contestant ever on American Idol at age 4 (3 at the time of taping).

Well of course Hope needs someone to take her to the Hollywood auditions and that would be her mom, 23-year-old Kelley Kime from Fairfax, VA, who made it clear that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Her daughter's act was a tough one to follow, but she did her proud with an equally amazing rendition of "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5. Kelley wowed the judges and earned her own ticket to Hollywood, so thankfully Hope doesn't have to take the plane on her own.

Now obviously Hope won't be competing for a spot in the Top 24, but seeing Kelley interact with her daughter shows how special of a person she is. Not only does she share her music with her daughter, she brings her along for the ride. It's clear that the young, single mom and her daughter are best friends and support each other through everything. Kelley's dedication to her daughter and her music show that she belongs in this competition. Here's hoping the judges let these two go through as a duo because I'd love to see the pair do "Let It Go" together. That would be cuteness overload.

Image: Fox (screenshot)