'Parenthood's Joelia Fans Have a Glimmer of Hope

by Aly Semigran

The 100th episode of Parenthood , titled "How Did We Get Here," brought it's fair share of Braverman tragedies, from Zeek's ongoing health crisis to Adam and Crosby's Luncheonette robbery. But that doesn't mean there wasn't some ray of lights during the episode. In addition to Amber's sweet impromptu baby shower and Drew's sweet reunion with his grandfather, we also saw what seemed to be the unofficial reunion of Joel and Julia.

When we last saw this estranged couple, they were signing their divorce papers, followed by a fierce make-out session. During Thursday night's new episode we saw that the couple had, in fact, slept together. While Julia assured Sarah and Amber that their hook-up didn't necessarily mean they were back together, Joel stepped in and stepped up at the hospital. From bringing coffee to the whole exhausted Braverman to explaining Zeek's medical woes in layman's terms, Joel was everything Julia needed him to be. You could see just how appreciative, and quite frankly, in love, she was with the man she married.

At one point, when Julia goes in to see her father, she refers to Joel as her husband to a hospital staff member. All of this has got to be a pretty good sign for all those hopeful for a Joelia reunion before the series wraps up. Hey, on a night where some pretty depressing things happened to the Bravermans, we'll take this glimmer of love.

We've gotta say, as far as last night's love proclamations went, Joelia has a better shot at panning out than Sarah accepting Hank's awkward proposal outside of the hospital. Sorry, man. It's all about Joelia.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC