The 100th Episode of 'Parenthood' Brings All the Bravermans Together For An Ailing Zeek

If you feared that Thursday night's brand new episode of Parenthood— titled "How Did We Get Here"— would bring about the death of Zeek, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Well, at least for now. While Zeek survived his latest heart scares and emergency surgery, he has to decide whether he will put his weakened heart through another surgery, or run the health risks that meet him if he doesn't. (Jeez, isn't the 100th episodes of a show supposed to be fun? So much of this was a world-class bummer, even by Parenthood standards.)

You knew things were going to be trouble when the episode started off with a slow motion montage set to weepy indie music. One by one, the Bravermans showed up to the hospital where Zeek was taken after having another heart problem. The Bravermans were all at various stages of handling it, or not handling it, from Camille's understandable breakdown to Joel's general helpfulness. (And, no, I don't mean by hooking up with his estranged wife Julia the night before.)

In case the family waiting to hear the news about Zeek's status wasn't stressful enough as is, Adam and Crosby learned that the already-struggling Luncheonette was broken into and basically wiped clean. "Why is all this happening right now?" Crosby asked himself, and every sad Parenthood viewer. Later, Crosby and Adam would learn that insurance would cover the robbery, or they could cash out. While Adam wanted to opt out of the business, Crosby will more than likely stay. Now, that is one stressful day for the Braverman brothers.

But, none of that stress compared to the emotional roller coaster of watching Zeek come in and out of consciousness in the hospital and come to the realization that he and Camille would have to make the most critical and life-changing decision of their lives. While it's pretty much a done deal that Zeek will be the Braverman that passes on in this, the final season, it's still pretty torturous to put viewers, and the Bravermans, through all this.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC