Will Joel & Julia Get Divorced on 'Parenthood'? There's a Chance Those Papers Will Go Unsigned

It just wouldn't be an episode of Parenthood if there weren't tears involved, so Thursday night's "These Are the Times We Live In" didn't disappoint in that sense. It was, however, disappointing for fans of Joel and Julia hoping they'd work things out. The episode kicked off with the pair at a divorce session, discussing what to do with the house. Julia wanted to sell the house and share the profit, while Joel insisted she keep it. And just to drop the emotional hammer on fans even further, a teary-eyed Joel and Julia held hands and hugged each other in the elevators as they left the meeting. Deep breaths, people, it only gets worse from here.

Julia later went over to Joel's apartment where she tried to convince him that their house was an asset and they need to "take the emotion out of it." She must forget what show she's on. Joel gave a heartbreaking speech about how, "we brought our baby girl home to that house... [it was the] first safe place our son ever spent the night." Joel, who somehow looks hotter when he's crying, told his estranged wife that he was sorry that he hurt her and he wants her to have the house. "If I can't have you in it, I don't want it," Joel said of their home. Julia, understandably, totally lost it when she left. Come on Swimfan, it's time to forgive him and move on! You're killing us here!

Swi—er, sorry, Julia, is looking over her divorce papers when her beau Chris shows up at the door. (You were hoping that Joel was going to be on the other end of that doorbell ring too, weren't you?) Though she's having a rough time, she still invites him into her home that is definitely not an asset.

Julia confides in Chris about their successful mediation and the realization that as soon as she signs her papers "my marriage is over" and that she doesn't have to say goodbye to her home. Chris tries to cheer her up by telling her that she'll get to make new memories in her old house and then he tries to get some by suggesting that if he finishes his wine that he won't be able to drive home. Julia swiftly shut that down by telling him, "I'm pretty tired myself." Sayonara, Chris. (Maybe for good?!)

On a somehow even more emotional couch across town, Joel went over to visit Zeek and say goodbye. "I never had a role model growing up," he told his ailing father-in-law. "You were that for me. So I just want to say thank you and I'm going to miss you and miss your family." But Zeek was not having it. He told Joel that he was giving up too easily and that he had to fight for his wife and children. "I took you in as a son," Zeek told an already-broken Joel, adding, "Don't leave." OK, Zeek is clearly reading the Parenthood message boards.

That pep talk from Zeek was enough to get Joel to drive over to Julia's house and make a fateful knock on her door. "A year ago, you asked me to fight for you and I was too stupid to listen," he told her. "I'm here. I don't wanna live another day without you, not another second. I'm fighting for you and I'm fighting for our marriage." Aaaaaaannnnnnd fade to black before we find out how Julia — who hopefully didn't sign those divorce papers — can answer him. You're cruel, TV, so cruel.

For fans hanging on to the dream of Joelia those amazing final few moments should keep hope alive. At least for another week.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC