The "Neighbors From Hell" Instagram is Too Real

I went to see the movie Neighbors for a good, long, guiltless look at Zac Efron's muscles in motion, but I stayed for the soul-crushing kinship I felt with the couple he tortured. As a transfer student, I was once conned into spending an entire semester in a building notorious for partying so loud and raucous that I frequently emerged from sleepless nights to the sight of strange vomit in the hallways. This is why the Neighbors From Hell Instagram page speaks to me on a primal level. I never thought I would take so much comfort from something that brings back such stressful memories.

All of the images collected on the page are screenshots of text conversations between neighbors, ranging from levels of mildly cringeworthy to downright horrifying (with Justin Bieber egging your house falling somewhere in between). Looking at these passive-aggressive messages between neighbors makes me wish so hard I had communicated with the hooligans who threw all the parties above me (who made it very clear the first time I knocked on one of their doors in my cupcake pajamas that they did not give one shiznit about my beauty sleep) via text solely so I could submit to this account. This could have been my revenge! Well, that or the one time during finals week when I finally called the cops on their asses. DON'T LOOK AT ME, SETH ROGEN DID IT, TOO.

If you've also encountered some less-than-cordial neighbors in your time on this earth, you will feel a sense of relief knowing that you're not alone in this struggle. And if you haven't had bad neighbors, well, enjoy the desert cave you are most likely living in. Here are some of the best finds from the Neighbors From Hell Instagram:

Images: Universal Pictures; neighborsfromhell/Instagram