Tamera Mowry Is Having A...

Let it never be said that the Mowry sisters don't know how to go big or go home. After Tamera Mowry-Housley announced her pregnancy on January 4, the fact that she included a pregnancy test with her announcement made it an easy assumption that she had no idea what the gender of the baby would be yet. I mean, it didn't stop me or anyone else from making a thousand Sister Sister jokes, but that is neither here nor there. As it turns out, Mowry-Housley didn't know the sex of her baby, but she discovered that she's having a girl during a taping of The Real and shared it with the world. I love celebrities who don't make us have to work too hard to know what's going on in their lives. Especially since this was adorable.

According to Us Weekly, Mowry-Housley's co-host Tamar Braxton was so excited about the former's pregnancy that she decided to phone Mowry-Housley's husband, Adam, to goad him into revealing the gender of the child. The former Sister Sister star hadn't wanted to know before, but the excitement proved so contagious that she grabbed the telephone and begged Adam to tell her. Then, she shared the news on Twitter and on Instagram, along with pictures of herself and the cast looking overjoyed on the set.

Yes, that's right, everyone. All those jokes were justified because her son, Aden, is getting a sister (sister)! In fact, he's getting this new sibling really soon — as, according to Mowry-Housley, their second baby is due some time in July. She also adds that she and Adam have wanted to extend their family ever since Aden was born, so it's quite possible the Mowry-Housley clan could be as large as the Duggars one day. (Just kidding. Just kidding. Although, between Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Taj Mowry and Tavior Mowry, they certainly have enough siblings to establish at least a Kardashian Klan of children.)

The most heart-warming thing about this The Real moment is the fact that Mowry-Housley has such a supportive network of women around her during this time. She might be an old pro at pregnancy by this point, if having one child makes you an old pro, but there's always something to be said about having lady friends who have your back and push you to realize that you want to know the gender of your baby — even if they have to physically call up your husband themselves in order to do it. The only thing that could have made the moment better is if Tia Mowry-Hardrict had been present for the announcement, but I don't doubt that Mowry-Housley called her immediately after the taping to scream and flail. After all, they might be living separate lives, but you can't actually separate the Mowry twins.