15 Candy Heart Sayings Paired With Wine

Not in a relationship? Don't believe in finding the perfect match? It's easy to find yourself in a cynical rage come Valentine's Day, but if there's one good pair you can count on this time of year, it's candy hearts and wine. (The only thing better would maybe be wine-infused ice cream, but that's not nearly as festive.) Valentine's Day is finally upon us, and with it comes a ton of emotions. Luckily there's a candy heart saying for just about anything you might be feeling on this lovey-dovey holiday — and a wine to go with it. And if you think you can't look at one more heart-shaped thing this Valentine's Day season, know that wine is here to make it better. Everything awful will suddenly seem hilarious. That's the power of true love.

Cupid might play favorites, but wine certainly does not. Whether you're celebrating your first Valentine's Day as a newlywed, or you pull a Justin Bieber and decide to cancel all your Valentine's Day plans, we can all agree that candy hearts and wine are still a good match. They prove that some things in this world really do go together. So grab some of these sugary treats, get yourself a wine glass, and toast to this holiday the only way you know how. At the very least, you can cheers to the fact that this will all be over tomorrow.

1. "You & Me" = Moscato

If "you & me" is your go-to heart candy, then you're probably the type of person who likes to spend Valentine's Day with your BFF. Either that, or your significant other is your BFF. You're like, "Let's get a little drunk tonight, but also I want cupcakes!" Moscato is your drink for a sweet and fun night in.

2. "Be Mine" = Riesling

Riesling is the wine you go for on a whim. Like your "be mine" statement, everything you do is kind of impulsive. "Be mine. I want you. I hate you. I'm over it."

3. "It's Love" = Malbec

If you feel the need to clarify "it's love," it's probably because you're in the honeymoon stages of a relationship. Like your new love, Malbec is novel and trendy.

4. "Hot Stuff" = Cabernet

Guys and gals who feel the need to say things like "you're hot" are usually the ones with a glass of Cabernet. They're bold and over-the-top, and if they ever go too far, they can just blame it on their drink.

5. "XOXO" = Sauvignon Blanc

If you're the type of person who goes for the "hugs & kisses" heart candy, then you probably also end most of your text messages with XOXO. Sauvignon Blanc is your drink, because you're sweet and loving and every day is Valentine's Day to you.

6. "Cool Cat" = Chardonnay

You're likely to be single this Valentine's Day. Grab a bottle of Chardonnay; it'll make you feel better.

7. "Only You" = Rioja

You drink Rioja because you're taken and want everyone to know it.

8. "Kiss Me" = Boone's Farm

If you're drinking Boone's Farm, it's probably because you're underage and only have one thing on your mind — making out on the couch in your parent's basement.

9. "I'm Yours" = Sangria

Sangria says, "I'm single but I don't want to be."

10. "My Love" = Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is not the drink you pull out on a first date. It's the wine that says, "I'm having dinner with my significant other and I want everyone to know that I am capable of being in a serious relationship."

11. "Text Me" = Boxed Wine

Let's be real, the only reason you would send out "text me" on Valentine's Day is because you're sitting at home alone drinking wine from a box.

12. "Marry Me" = Champagne

Champagne means the party is just getting started, and we're classy.

13. "I Love You" = Rose

Rose. The wine and flower of love.

14. "Hug Me" = White Zinfandel

A bottle of White Zinfandel says, "We're just friends. Happy Valentine's Day, but don't get the wrong impression."

15. "True Love" = Beaujolais

Beaujolais is French, which is romantic (and which is also why it's hard to say). True love means you don't need the fancy dinner or a night under the stars — just your significant other and a bottle of Beaujolais.

Images: Sarah Gilbert/Flickr; Jennifer Valdez (15)