Quvenzhane Wallis OWNS the Globes Red Carpet

When it comes to Quvenzhane Wallis' past red carpet style, we don't have that much to go on. Granted, that makes sense given that the actress is only 11. Yes. 11. When I was 11, I honestly thought that wearing braces was cool (I liked picking out the different band colors, OK?). But Quvenzhane? She's just planning outfits for the red carpet of the Golden Globes. No big deal. Nominated for best actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) for her role in Annie, 11-year-old Wallis certainly is the most fabulous, adorable source of pint-sized style we're going to see on the Globes red carpet this year. Wearing custom Armani, Wallis proves that a good sense of style is truly ageless.

OK, OK — so maybe Wallis had team of stylists picking out the perfect dress for her to wear, but she is also being nominated for a major film award at an age when most of us were still adjusting to the fact that our celebrity crushes would most likely never become our husbands/wives. So would I be surprised if Wallis had planned the whole outfit herself? Not really. She's a superstar.

And even if you are doubting the young actress' sense of style for whatever reason (you crazy, soulless person), you obviously haven't seen Quvenzhane Wallis for Armani Juniors, which is hands down, flat out, the cutest fashion campaign any of us have ever seen. Like I said: Superstar.

Images: Getty; Twitter