Did Mary and Tony Take Things to the Next Level?

First comes courtship, then comes love, then comes some bow chicka wow wow moments in London during the 20th century. As we saw in Sunday night's episode, Mary and Tony heated things up on Downton Abbey . Not only did Mary send Anna on quite the errand for some birth control, but Mary and Tony met for a weekend of fun aka hitting the sheets. Now, we didn't actually seem them consummate their relationship — yet — but Tony vowed to make love to Mary until their stamina ran out. Doesn't Tony have a way with words? Way to make a lady blush and weak in the knees all at once, Lord Gillingham, you bad boy.

In next Sunday's episode, I have a feeling we'll see the aftermath of Tony and Mary's sexcapade, especially since Episode 3's description reads as follows: "Mary and Lord Gillingham put their love to the test." Yeah, we know what "test" really means. Until then, let's chat Mary's scandalous risk.

Lady Mary's always been independent, and I really admire her for wanting to find someone and ensure that he is not only her friend and husband material, but that there is also a connection sexually. As much as she wants to tie the knot again, Mary also doesn't want to divorce. Times are changing at Downton, and Mary is also growing with those changes. She's weighing her options, taking sex and birth control into her own hands, and showing that she believes she has a right to not follow society's "rules" and live her life as she sees fit.

Furthermore, just because she's getting involved in yet another scandal (remember Kemal Pamuk?), it doesn't mean Mary's going to find her happy ending. Yes, she told Charles Blake when he showed up once again at Downton that she believes Tony is the one, but does that mean she will "officially" choose him? No, it doesn't. That's why Mary is wanting to test all of the waters with Tony to ensure they're connected on every level. With that said, there's always a chance she won't find that intimacy with Tony and won't want to make it forever with him. You know what that also means? That there's still hope for Blake and Mary. Blake fans, rejoice! You never know what Mary will do. I think it's safe to say she's surprised us, so far, with some of her choices.

Whoever Mary chooses to be or not to be with, she's the real winner in this situation, because she's taking a stand for herself. Mary is fighting for her happiness, taking her life by the reins, and giving a voice to women during a time that they still didn't really have one.

Images: Nick Briggs/Carnival Films 2014 for MASTERPIECE; Giphy