Don Cheadle Went Back to the '80s With Fallon

Should Don Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon's careers as thriving Hollywood stars ever approach the burning out phase, they needn't worry because they appear to have a solid backup plan in place. It might not be on the same international scale as their current positions and I sincerely hope it never comes down to this, but the "Pleather & Jerry" routine Cheadle and Fallon performed on The Tonight Show could definitely extend the actors' time in the spotlight. Anyone who's familiar with Cheadle's impressive film and television resume knows that he's a well-respected actor who is undeniably committed to his craft, and goofing around on late-night TV with Fallon is no exception.

Pegged as an '80s R & B duo, Cheadle and Fallon magically transformed into Pleather and Jerry, thanks to two really bad wigs and a pair of horrendously styled outfits that were only worsened by Cheadle's blinding gold trench and Fallon's matching pleather MC Hammer pants, which I thought were a '90s fashion staple, but OK. Anyway, I can't say I blame them for wearing shades during the um, original, routine that included three "hit songs" titled, "Girl, We Gon' Do It," along with the funky followups "Girl We Just Did It," and — you guessed it — "Girl, Let's Do It Again."

Coincidentally (or not), each song featured the same music, but I have to say the final performance stood out from the rest simply because of Fallon's stellar choreography. Towards the end, he sort of has this rhythmic restless leg routine going on, but it seems to please his partner, who enthusiastically high-fives him at the end of each 30-second show.

Seriously, Fallon and Cheadle might be able to take this show on the road. At best, they could earn some loose change to make an extremely tiny contribution to a retirement nest egg. Meanwhile, let's just hope the Hollywood stars continue to align in their favor.Check out Pleather & Jerry perform their greatest hits below: