Joan Starred in a Fashion Campaign Before Celine

The fashion and literary communities may be in awe of Joan Didion's new ad for Celine (which is flawless and happens to be my iPhone background right now, thankyouverymuch), but this isn't the first time the Slouching Toward Bethlehem author lent her face to a fashion campaign. As it turns out, Joan Didion starred in a 1989 Gap ad with her late daughter Quintana.

During a phone conversation with New York Times reporter Alexandra Jacobs, Didion revealed that not only did she have no idea her Celine photo had caused such a stir online, she also had prior experience with modeling.

Ms. Didion also reminded this reporter that this is not the first time she has acted as a model. Besides the famous cover image of her peering out of her Corvette for her memoir “Where I Was From" — to which Céline paid apparent homage with earlier shots of their usual model, Daria Werbowy — she appeared in a 1989 ad for the Gap.

Now the black-and-white image has resurfaced. It's surprisingly timeless for something shot in the late '80s, featuring a still-dark haired Joan, banged bob in tact, hugging her daughter Quintana Roo Dunne, who passed away in 2005 at the age of 39. Both women wear dark turtlenecks, though Joan's is accessorized by a long necklace. Aside from the lack of trademark sunglasses, the outfit styling is actually similar to that of the 2014 Celine ad. The word "Original" is printed below the image.

Sure beats that "Dress Normal" campaign from 2014, now doesn't it?