Chris Soules Likes to Kiss...A Lot

The drama is ramping up on The Bachelor because Chris Soules is kissing more than one girl on the same night and they're jealous. Britt, in particular, is upset because she got the first kiss of the season and has already fallen really hard for Chris. "I feel like all these other girls are kissing my boyfriend," she lamented as she tearfully watched him make out with virgin Ashley I.

Earlier in the week Mackenzie bragged that they kissed five times, and he also smooched Megan at the Grand Canyon. Plus he gave Britt a a "free kiss" card in reference to her "free hug" card from week one. So it's not surprising that on cocktail night his lips were ready to party.

But he didn't just kiss Ashley, he also smooched Amber and almost kissed a very drunk Jordan. He was all ready to go, but she backed out because it was too awkward. (But she still slurred her way through a debate on the right amount of lipstick per kiss and generally made things uncomfortable.)

What I'm learning here is that Chris likes to kiss (oh hey, Juan Pablo!) and that the other girls are not a fan of this strategy.

Far be it for me to shame Chris for his smooching. Whatever it takes to find his true love! But it's clear that his preference for this form of intimacy this early on is going to spell trouble for the girls not getting kissed, and for the ones who want him to kiss only them.

The drama is only beginning and as feelings develop even more, watching him make out with the other contestants is going to get even harder. Based on how mean they've been to each other already, I feel like we're in for a bloodbath of a season—and it's only week two.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC