Orlando Bloom Just Wore a Sleeping Bag In Public

Orlando Bloom is notorious for his impeccable style, on and off camera. Time and time again he gets it so right from his perfectly tailored suits on the red carpet, to his grungy-chic street style complete with beanies and denim. But even the most stylish of people have a mishap once in a while, right? Orlando Bloom wore a sleeping bag out in public on a cold winter day in London, passing the oversize blanket as actual clothing — oops.

No one understands suffering from below freezing temperatures like I do, trust me. But even I have enough common sense to not actually wrap myself up like a burrito in my comforters before I walk outside, especially if I had paparazzi documenting my every move. Bloom must have not thinking right that day, or maybe he just doesn't really care? Who knows.

Is it me, or have more and more celebrities been donning blankets and drapes as real life clothing recently? I believe a trend alert is in order here, even if it's an extremely peculiar one. Although this new "style" is the farthest thing from stylish, it's definitely got comfort on its side, and that is one thing I always advocate. In the spirit of keeping warm, let's take a look at other celebrities who have opted for comfort over style.

1. Rihanna

2. Lenny Kravitz

3. Olivia Palermo

4. Taylor Swift

5. Orlando Bloom

Time to get some extra usage out of your duvet, I guess.