We're All Confused By Rihanna's Latest Outfit

We love Rihanna, we really do. She can pull off so many outfits that literally no one else could rock. A sparkly see-through dress? No problem. Her latest ensemble, however, was a little bit confusing. Rihanna wore a varsity jacket/blanket/poncho thing while out and about in NYC and, well, it wasn't her best look.

Puma's new creative director hit the freezing streets of New York wearing this bizarre piece of outerwear that looks like a sewing accident involving your imaginary high school boyfriend's letterman jacket and your hippie Aunt Meg's fringed throw blanket. According to The Cut, this piece was customized for Rihanna by the fashion label VFiles. She paired the, erm, showstopping topper with shredded jeans and a red bandanna scarf, adding a T-Swift approved red lippy and brown high-heeled boots to class things up.

Although Rihanna has made strange fashion choices in the past (that DKNY sweatshirt dress, for instance), this one caught me by surprise. It's as if she went dumpster diving behind a Buffalo Exhange and decided to wear all her finds at once. Still, one can't help but admire her sartorial gumption. Isn't this how we all want to dress when it's below 20 degrees outside?

Somehow, she still manages to seem fierce as hell in one of the ugliest coats I've ever seen. Amazing.