Who Killed Agent Krzeminski on 'Agent Carter'? That Is, If He's Really Dead

Well, Marvel isn't wasting any time raising the stakes, are they? On tonight's episode of Agent Carter , Krzeminski was killed by an assassin. Also, props to Chad Michael Murray for throwing in an awkward joke by volunteering to notify his mistress of his passing. But wait, is he really dead? Someone has died on every episode of this miniseries so far. First, Peggy's bedridden roommate, then Leet Brannis. Is Krzeminski really dead as well? Kyle Bornheimer may no longer be playing Teddy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but he's listed for seven episodes of Agent Carter on IMDb. Did someone just get excited when entering the credits? Or is the character planning a sinister return? We were introduced to a type of stun gun tonight. Perhaps Ray Krzeminski is Hydra after all.

It seems most likely that the assassin was an operative of Leviathan, if not the man in the green suit himself. We didn't learn anything more about that mysterious symbol, which my roommate eloquently compared to a heart with a mustache. Peggy may live in Brooklyn, but I don't think this show is that hipster. We also don't know why Leviathan agents have their larynxes removed. It's like the opposite of the chain-smoking Guilty Remnant on HBO's The Leftovers.

Krzeminski's death, unfortunately, is convenient to our cause. Ray was just about to figure out that Peggy is the woman they have been chasing during the investigation of Howard Stark's missing weapons. Her mission may still be in jeopardy, but she dodged a metaphorical bullet. Actually, it's maybe a little bit too convenient for my tastes. I'm really starting to worry that Peggy is being played by Howard Stark and Jarvis.

This was an interesting exercise in a show killing off a character that wasn't a good person, but whose death can make you feel things. Still, serves him right for constantly putting down Agent Carter and Agent Sousa. That was totally not cool of him for making fun of Sousa's crush and telling him that he could never be Captain America. I don't know why this show insists on pretending that Enver Gjokaj isn't attractive as hell. Still, I'm worried about how his death will affect Peggy and her position in the SSR.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC