Announcement: Kate Middleton Has Joined Twitter

This is not a drill: Kate Middleton has joined Twitter. OK, in the interest of full disclosure, it's actually Kensington Palace that joined Twitter with the username @KensingtonRoyal. But they'll be tweeting on behalf of Middleton as well as Prince William and Prince Harry. This is as close as we've ever gotten to the Duchess on social media and I will take what I can get.

As much as I love looking at pictures of Kate Middleton—and I do, I really do—I also want to know what's going on inside her head. Sure, she does speeches every once in awhile, but those are usually scripted things about her various charities. I want some candid Kate telling me in 140 characters what she thinks about life, love, and the phrase "on fleek."

Unfortunately we're probably not going to get anything like that. It seems Kensington Palace will follow along the lines of Clarence House, the Twitter account for Prince Charles. It will mostly be there for PR reasons, usually by posting updates on which engagements the royals will attend.

But if I could have my way, this is how I'd want the twitter representing Kate Middleton to look like.

Candid Tweets About Being a Mom

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Come on, we know Kate can't have a flawless life 100 percent of the time if she's raising a kid. I want some #ToddlerParentProblems tweets up in here so I can feel better about my hair never achieving the gloss that Kate's has.

Live Tweeting Boring Engagements


Kate's been dragged to about a hundred events that I can't even be bothered to read about, much less attend. She's been known to be pretty sassy, so a live tweet of some of the stuffier occasions would be hilarious.


I want more pictures of the Royal Family from back in the day. But not the staged ones. I want candids of Kate and Will palling around in college, or a young Prince Harry playing with his brother, or something.

Baby Pics!


Prince George is about as adorable as it gets and I wouldn't complain if Kate's Twitter was just dedicated to posting photos of her son. Who can complain about being inundated with that face?

Fashion Tips

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Tell me, Kate, can I wear white after labor day? Which accessories should I pair with a recycled outfit to make it look new? Can I, as an American, pull off a fascinator? How do you wear heels all the time without wanting to kill yourself?

Queen of style that she is, I want to know her take on things.


With all the appropriate hashtags like #blessed #nofilter #eyebrowsonfleek etc. If the Duchess can look good in paparazzi shots, just imagine her beauty with an Instagram filter and the camera angle of her choice.

Updates on Royal Baby #2

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Please reveal the gender and/or name options soon because I'm so excited I can't wait until the birth to know these things. 'K thanks bye.

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