Woman Cheats With Her Trainer, Pays the Price

When you're in a supposedly committed, monogamous relationship with another human being and you find out the other person is or has been cheating, it totally sucks. But one man took his emotional response a step too far when he left flyers on every car in a gym parking lot where he claims his wife was cheating on him with her trainer, calls her a "WHORE" repeatedly, defines her affair as "SEXUAL" and "EMOTIONAL," and even leaves his cell phone number so that people can call him with "any questions" (but secretly probably just needs a friend to sadly vent to).

This incident is part of a long chain of incidents that beget the question: "what the heck are you doing, men?" because it seems that when men are rejected in some way by a lover, potential lover, or even a stranger they take unreasonable and irrational action. Remember the man who lit a woman's house on fire in Kentucky because she rejected him on Facebook? Or the man who shot a woman after she rejected his advances at an event in Michigan? Or the countless men who harass and threaten countless women online if they don't respond to messages right away? Pro Tip, boys: that kind of behavior won't get you anywhere with the ladies. Or with anyone in your life, ever. Just stop.

Image: Post Grad Problems