Cat People & Dog People Fight Like Cats & Dogs

BuzzFeed has taken the age-old argument as to whether cats are better than dogs, and bumped it up a notch by asking whether cat people are better than dog people. The results are still undefined, except for the universal agreement that fish are just decoration and birds are the actual worst. Most of the arguments center around the personality traits of owners that are similar to their pets: cat people are introverted, but more creative, while dog people are more outgoing, but also more obedient. The video also pointed out a few "statistics" including the fact that cat people are shown to be smarter and dog people work better on their toes.

Naturally, there are plenty of old stereotypes chucked in, like "the crazy cat lady." Watch out gals, if you own a feline beware of total spinsterhood! Ugh. The video did leave out a few important arguments, like the fact that cat people have to pee more often because their cats are constantly kneading directly into their bladders and dog people own what is essentially a perpetual furry, slobbery baby.

Think about it — how many times have your friends left a bar early because they had to go home and let the dog out to pee? Dog people are also probably more likely to be novelists who write about boats and cross-country road trips. Cat people are more likely to be evil overlords who attach laser beams to the heads of sharks. You know... things like that.

Does this video settle anything? Not at all. But hey, at least we can all agree that picking up dog poop is the least appealing thing about pet ownership, bar none. Also, Jon Hamm is a cat person so SUCK ON THAT DOG PEOPLE!