The 'AHS: Freak Show' Finale Promo Shows Dandy Doing What He Does Best — Terrorizing Everyone

"Curtain Call" will be the end of this insane ride that is called American Horror Story: Freak Show. And the preview of the season finale of AHS: Freak Show showed that we are far from out the woods yet. So much stuff went down in "Show Stoppers" in an effort to wrap up a lot of loose ends. The people at the freak show turned Stanley into pretty much a miniature version of Meep. Chester murdered Maggie — and Marjorie — and turned himself into the police (but only for the murder of Marjorie, 'cause that's how messed up he is). Jimmy got new wooden hands (but kept them in the shape of his lobster claws). Bette and Dot warned Elsa that she was the next person to be killed by the members of the freak show, so Elsa fled. And in the process, sold Dandy the freak show for $10,000 in cash (noooo!).

In the preview for "Curtain Call," it looks like Elsa will actually get to Hollywood (which even with her gracing Life magazine in the "Orphans" episode of AHS is still the most shocking thing to happen on the show). But when Elsa's away, Dandy will play. As if the people of the freak show haven't dealt with enough shit, Dandy as their new owner is sure to ruin their lives. He has Desiree dressed up like a French maid. (Could it be some bizarre way of reminiscing about his former maid — Patti LaBelle's Dora? I really hope not, especially since there have been very few black characters on the show and they are two of them.) And I'm very concerned with the fate of twins Dot and Bette. (Yet, they were the assholes to warn Elsa to leave in the first place! If they hadn't done that, she would have never sold the freak show to Dandy. But what kind of season finale would that have been?)

As for Elsa in Hollywood, she still may not be safe. The preview showed her collapsing on stage. (Did she just pass out or was it a gunshot à la Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard? Except Elsa has no Kevin Costner to protect her).

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So, will Elsa and Dandy make it out of this season alive? Considering it's Jessica Lange's final American Horror Story (and all of the terrible things she has done), it seems only fitting that Elsa would die. I just wish she could be killed by one of her precious freaks. But at least they can plan a coup to take over Dandy — who will also be completely deserving of getting murdered. Perhaps he could even die at the (new) hands of Jimmy.

Image: Michele K. Short/FX