How Did Emma Stone React to Her Oscar Nomination? There are Plenty of Gifs That Will Help Explain

One of my imaginary best friends, Emma Stone, was nominated for an Oscar for Birdman on Thursday, and I could not be happier for her. Stone in Birdman is perfection, which may have you asking, "When is she not perfection?" (Answer: never.) But the recognition for her work in this film is extremely exciting. Another incredible thing about Stone's nomination is that she is in a category with Hollywood legends like Meryl Streep, so it's safe to say that Thursday morning is probably a very overwhelming one for her.

Here's the rub, Emma Stone isn't a big Twitter person. Usually, to find out what she was thinking about the nomination, one would go directly to her Twitter page, or an Instagram maybe, to see how she is reacting to the news this morning. Did she wake early to hear the nominations, or did she play it cool and just sleep-in and have her perfect boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, tell her the news when she woke up? What is she thinking?

Fortunately for us, Stone is a very GIF-able person, and we can probably guess how she is reacting right now from past moments of awesomeness. While nothing can be confirmed, here is how Stone is probably reacting to her Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Birdman.

Should I Watch the Announcements?

This is Taking Forever

Hell, Yeah! Birdman is Killing It

OMG, This is It. This. Is. It.

Is Chris Pine Going to Say My Name?


Wait. Did I Hear Him Right? He Did Said Emma Stone, Yes?

It's Sinking In...

It Has Sunk In!

Are You Excited, Emma?

This Day is Going to Rule

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