Watch Lindsay Lohan Actually Be Funny

Lindsay Lohan may really be back, guys, despite what Oprah Winfrey or her Canyons director might say. In a skit for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the formerly troubled starlet appeared alongside Fallon in full, Mean Girls form and — dare I say — she actually did a great job and looks healthier than she has in ages. Call me crazy, but I'm rooting for the girl this time.

The skit was pretty hilarious, by Saturday Night Live-esque standards. It was another installment of Fallon's hilarious faux TeenNick series EW!, and, in short, starred Fallon as a tween girl named Sara (without the "h" because h's are "EW!") who loves Harry Styles, and Lindsay Lohan as her BFFFLFR (Best Friend Forever For Life For Realsies), Stephanie. The two discuss the new One Direction movie, before launching into a conversation about twerking.

Apparently, twerking is now "EW!" amongst the hip kids today, though — and everyone is doing something called..."skrumping"? "Scrumping"? I don't know how to spell it, and a Google search doesn't help, but whatever. Scrumping/skrumping is kind of like twerking, only you stick your arms out and pretend you're hula-hooping or something. In the end, Sara's stepdad comes in to tell them that Hamburger Helper will be ready in five minutes, which, of course, is "EW!"

You can check out the clip below. Lindsay Lohan, it's nice to have you back.