Guess Who's Showing at New York Fashion Week?

Well folks, it seems like #TheNewBR is here to stay. According to Fashionista, Banana Republic will show at New York Fashion Week for the first time this February, indicating that the brand might be heading in a seriously stylish direction. That's a welcome relief for those of us who are sick of seeing the same old dresses and ultra-safe blazers hanging in the store's windows.

Following a rather low-key summer 2015 presentation at Milk Studios in November, BR creative director Marissa Webb (formerly of J. Crew) will showcase her second men's and women's collections for the brand during fashion week, preliminarily scheduled for the 6 p.m. time slot on Saturday, February 14th.

It might seem odd for the work-wear label available at your local mall to show alongside major designers, but, as Lauren Indvik of Fashionista points, out, it's actually pretty common for "mass brands trying to reinvent themselves creatively," a description that certainly fits BR at the current moment (hence the aforementioned hashtag), as well as other labels such as J. Crew and Coach who have joined the roster at NYFW in recent years.

Let's hope that this signifies bigger and better things for the once-beloved brand whose offerings had grown stale in the seasons before Webb's arrival at the company.

Here's to a new lease on life for Banana Republic! I certainly hope it looks a lot like this:

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image: Getty Images