Ashley Graham Slams Hollywood's "Curvy" Standard

by May Sofi

Plus-size models have become somewhat of a norm in today's fashion world. The public is no longer as shocked by the mega superstardom of curvier models such as Candice Huffine gracing the pages of Pirelli's seductive calendar for the first time ever this year. And Hollywood is finally starting to break the mold of the super skinny image that everyone seems to aspire to.... Or so I thought and hoped. But plus-size model Ashley Graham has lashed out at Hollywood for its curvy body image standard, claiming it has morphed Jennifer Lawrence into the curvy girl poster child while she is far from plus-size.

"Jennifer Lawrence is the media's poster girl for curves and she's tiny," Graham told People. It's true, J. Law has had her fair share of media backlash about her figure being too large for the preset, idealized standard, even though she is a mere size 6. While Graham celebrates Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lopez for their hourglass shapes, she believes that Hollywood should go much bolder, continuing to push the envelope and praise figures of all shapes and sizes.

At size 14, Graham says she feels healthy and loves her body — a concept she hopes to instill in young girls across the board. I commend her for taking a risk and making a borderline controversial but important statement. Hopefully, she will continue to gain more advocates and implement real change in the standards of healthy body image ideals.

There's no doubt that J. Law is gorgeous. But "plus-size?" No way.

Images: Getty; Instagram