Emma Stone Should've Been Nominated Years Ago

by Nicole Pomarico

Thursday morning's Oscar nominations announcement brought a lot of excitement for a lot of people, and Emma Stone is one of them. One of my favorite actresses — and people in general — is nominated in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in the highly acclaimed Birdman, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. After a career like hers, it's hard to believe that this is Stone's first Oscar nomination ever. I know what you're thinking: How is this even possible? Stone's been in so many incredible movies, and she knocks it out of the park every time. Certainly the Academy would have taken notice of her by now. But nope, this is, in fact, her first nom, and we definitely can't expect the Academy to recognize Stone for her talents more often if they can't even manage to fit a single female director in their nominee list.

And knowing that this is such a big deal for Stone makes her excited reaction to the news all the more endearing. In a statement issued shortly after the announcement was made, she said,

Well, this is surreal. I am completely knocked out. Thank you to the Academy for this incredible honor. I am very proud and lucky to be a part of Birdman and can’t believe it came to this. I am so f--king excited. Are you allowed to say f--k when you’re making a statement for the Oscars? I’m just really f--king excited.

I'm really f--king excited, too, Stone. But I can't help but notice that she's played tons of Oscar-worthy roles in the past, and for some reason, got totally snubbed.

The Help

The movie itself got plenty of Oscar nominations in 2012 — and Octavia Spencer even won for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role — but Stone wasn't included. Obviously, Stone's character, Skeeter, was the catalyst for the events that happened in the movie as she wrote her book about black housekeepers' experiences during the civil rights movement in the '60s, and she did a hell of a job.

Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad isn't the kind of movie I'd see of my own volition had it not starred Stone (and Ryan Gosling certainly helped). I'm totally not into action-y movies, but I liked Gangster Squad, primarily because of Stone's performance — and she wasn't even the star! Actresses who make movies watchable just because of their presence is the definition of Oscar-worthy to me.

The Amazing Spider-Man

I realize comic book movies aren't something the Oscars tend to pay attention to, but with the recent influx of them in the box office, they should definitely start. As someone who isn't that big on comic book movies myself, Stone once again brought me out to see a movie I typically wouldn't bother with, and she made an awesome Gwen Stacy.

Easy A

I'm incapable of talking about Emma Stone without mentioning Easy A at least once, since it's one of my favorite teen rom-coms ever. Again, Easy A is not even close to what the Oscars would deem highbrow enough for a nomination, but she didn't get nearly enough recognition for her first lead role in a movie. It was the first I'd ever seen of Stone and made me instantly fall in love with her and want to become her best friend: more ingredients of a great actress.

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