The Ex-Girlfriend Jean is Now a Thing

If girls can have boyfriend jeans, then guys can have girlfriend jeans. Or rather, ex-girlfriend jeans. The recently coined denim-term has arisen as the new definition of truly "skinny" jeans. Because just when we thought skinny jeans couldn't get any tighter, they did. And the world needed some new words. Or maybe boys just felt left out, and ultimately needed their equivalent of the boy friend jean.

In a blog post for Huffington Post, Oliver Tezcan (founder and CEO of The Idle Man) notes that skinny jeans became a thing in 2001. And that they have gotten tighter and tighter each year that they have remained popular. (I mean, American Eagle went so far as to create a spoof ad campaign using painted-on pants.) It's also no surprise that in recent years, certain clothing stores have made their jeans skinner than the size they state. But the-ex girlfriend jean has beat all of the skinnies.

As noted by Tezcan, the ex-girlfriend jean describes the recent trend that shows men buying women's skinny jeans, and, in some cases, child sizes — not an unreasonable idea if one is looking for the perfect skinny fit, even if the majority of the world still tells men that shopping the women's section is somehow wrong.

Globally recognized brands like TopShop have seen a huge increase in their skinny denim sales as well as an increase in men buying women's jeans, Tezcan also notes. And reports has showed that early adopters of the ex-girlfriend look have said women's jeans provides more room in the crotch than male skinny jeans do. Ultimately, this is good news when you consider that a study came out claiming denim tightness can cause bladder weakness and low sperm count. But perhaps the trend is still going too far.

Ben Pruchnie/FilmMagic/Getty Images

When you think about the fact that women have had to put up with corsets — and the notion of finding the perfect tea-length dress for our height and makeup — you might conclude that maybe it's about time guys suffered in the name of fashion, too. Russell Brand has been doing it for years, after all. But risking your bladder's wellbeing, and, erm, your sperm count, doesn't seem like the best end result.

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