Liam Neeson & Jimmy Kimmel's 'Taken 4' Parody Is Too Doggone Funny — VIDEO

So, it looks like the Taken franchise simply refuses to go down without a fight. Although Taken 3 hit theaters less than a week ago, there's already talk of yet another follow up in the works. OK, so I'm totally kidding. There's no way anyone would believe that former CIA operative Bryan Mills had enough time to heal from his life-threatening injuries and one major case of jet lag in order to infiltrate yet another international kidnapping ring — unless it has to do with the well-being of an innocent puppy. If that sounds completely unrealistic, that's because it's the basis of Liam Neeson and Jimmy Kimmel's Taken 4 parody, where Neeson resumes the role of Mills, who is tasked with an animal rescue mission when Paco, the Chihuahua belonging to Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo, suddenly goes missing.

In the trailer for Taken 4, Neeson shows us that Mills' commitment to saving the lives of furry, four-legged pets is just as intense as his determination to free his family members from the evil clutches of grimy crime lords. Thankfully this time around, Mills' biggest challenge is getting the dog's name right. But one major advantage is the fact that his intimidating phone voice is still intact. The only noticeable changes are the "particular set of skills" he possesses that aid him in quest for justice. As he tells the doggie thief (played by a wig-wearing, unibrow-sporting Kimmel), he took three years of Spanish high school, and knows all about juggling, origami and horseback riding. Um, OK... I can't say he isn't well-rounded.

But one quick note for Taken producers: To date, none of the plots have involved animal abductions, so please don't get any bright ideas. In the end, if Taken 4: Animal Avengers actually does become a thing, we only have Jimmy Kimmel to blame.Watch Neeson and Kimmel's hilarious Taken 4 spoof below:

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