'Girls' Actress & Hannah's Blonde Classmate Marin Ireland Looks Familiar Because This is Far From The Actress's First TV Gig

We've known it's been coming for a while now. We were warned last season. We've all seen the trailers and the promos. At last, it's here: Hannah Horvath has officially left New York and moved to Iowa for grad school. Depending on how you feel about the controversial character and where you happen to live, this is either a very good or a very bad plot development. Personally, I'm excited to see Hannah in some unfamiliar surroundings and among new people. One of those new people is Logan (Marin Ireland), who makes her Girls debut in the season's second episode, airing on Jan. 18. Ireland's character is another woman in the Iowa Writers' Workshop program, and from previews it looks like she and Hannah are going to seriously get into it pretty soon.

Some of Girls' best episodes have happened away from the city, like last season's "Flo," when Hannah and Adam went to visit her dying grandmother. A new character like Logan could bring out parts of our protagonist that we haven't even seen before. And Ireland is just the actress to do it. Though she doesn't have the most famous name, the Tony-nominated thespian has been in dozens of TV, film, and theater projects over the years.

Let's take a look at Ireland's latest gig on Girls, and then we'll check out where you could have seen her before.

It looks like Hannah is definitely in for some real talk, and Logan seems more than capable of giving it to her. So where have you seen Ireland before? She's been all over your screens for a long time now.


Back in Season 2 of Homeland, Ireland played Aileen Morgan, the American half of a terrorist couple who work for al-Qaeda. Aileen and her boyfriend Raqim were discovered by the CIA and fled the country, but Saul eventually found Aileen and formed a sort of friendship with her (well, as much of a friendship you can have with a homegrown terrorist. Those relationships are always tricky). Everything seemed to be working out fine... until Aileen killed herself while in CIA custody, marking the surprising end to Ireland's time on the show.

The Divide

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Earlier this summer, Ireland took on the role of Christine Rosa, a lawyer who works for an Innocence Project-like organization, trying to free a death-row inmate who might not be guilty. Though The Divide lasted just one season (it was cancelled in August), it was the first show that Ireland headlined, and it brought focus to important issues in our justice system. It was basically the Serial of television, and just as addicting.

Masters of Sex

Ireland's other role this summer was as Bill Masters' sister-in-law, Pauline, on Masters of Sex. Pauline and Bill's brother, Frank, came to Bill with infertility problems, and opened up a whole bunch of old emotional wounds Bill would rather not revisit. Ireland hasn't acted in too many period pieces, but she certainly got dolled up for this role of '60s housewife, complete with sweater set and pearls. Strangely enough, Logan seems like she'd be perfectly at home in that outfit as well.

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