7 Celebs Who Should Give Up Twitter

By now you've probably heard about Kanye West's recent Twitter smackdown of Jimmy Kimmel (#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK). The (possibly-a-joke) rant was spawned by a (possibly ignorant) TV spoof Kimmel did of West's recent BBC Radio 1 interview and has something to do with leather jogging pants and scumbags hopping over fences. Everyone online today is talking about it, as everyone online is wont to do when celebrities go on Twitter-enabled tirades — a phenomenon that seems to be happening with increasing regularity. Certain celebs, it seems, just can't handle public communication that's not mediated through an agent or PR flack. Here are 7 who would probably be doing themselves a favor by giving up their Twitter accounts (or at least handing the reigns over to a social media guardian).

1. Alec Baldwin

Is there anyone who thinks it's a good idea for Baldwin to be on Twitter? The actor clearly has an anger management problem and just can't seem to keep himself from bizarre, homophobic and violent Twitter outbursts of the sort TV alter-ego Jack Donaghy would certainly find undignified and embarrassing. Think: What would Jack Donaghy do, Alec? Hand over the Twitter reigns to Tina Fey, maybe?

2. Gucci Mane

In a confusing and vulgar Twitter rant earlier this month, rapper Gucci Mane claimed to have had sex with Nicki Minaj. Oh and he also talked about anal sex and and eating someone's mother's butt. After temporarily leaving social media, Mane came back with an apology and an admission that he was addicted to lean (aka sizzurp, Lil' Wayne's weakness). Now he's playing nice, but for how long?

3. Roseanne Barr

I dig Roseanne Barr — or, at least, I dug the Roseanne show. I thought of her as a bold and trailblazing female comedian and wasn't really aware what she was up to these days...until this week. All week long, Roseanne has been picking strange fights with feminist bloggers and activists for what she's perceived as slights against her. Setting aside the content of the tweets and feuds (many are accusing Barr of making transphobic remarks), the vitriol with which she's going after people who have much, much smaller platforms just makes her seem like an unhinged bully. And apparently this isn't the first time Barr's tweeting has gotten her into trouble. This summer, she drew attention for a series of argumentative tweets with ex-husband Tom Arnold.

4. Lamar Odom

After going missing for a while and getting charged with a DUI, the NBA star and husband of Khloe Kardashian recently took to Twitter to lash out at his dad. Odom's missive is sadder than your typical celebrity Twitter rant, which seems like even more reason why it really doesn't belong on social media. These are the kinds of things you tell a therapist, not your 4 million plus followers.

5. Amanda Bynes

I mean, obviously. We don't even need to go into this one, because any further besmirching of Bynes just seems cruel at this point.

6. Rob Kardashian

After a breakup from girlfriend Rita Ora, Kardashian began slamming his ex on Twitter, accusing her of having sex with over 20 guys while they were together and letting them "hit raw." Contrary to what Kardashian was going for, these kind of public disses don't make him look wronged, they make him look like an immature fool. Even big sister Khloe interjected to tell him to be nice.

7. Brandi Glanville

After ex-husband Eddie Cibrian left her for LeAnn Rimes, Real Housewife Brandi Glanville certainly had reason to be upset. But, girl, Twitter is no place to discuss child custody arrangements, okay?