Julianne Moore Forgets Marion Cotillard in her Critics' Choice Acceptance Speech, But We Shouldn't Be Too Hard On Her

The beautiful and fiery Julianne Moore took home a prize on Thursday night at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards for Best Actress in a Drama for her performance in Still Alice. It's the second award Moore has won this season for her portrayal of a middle-aged woman struggling with Alzheimer's disease — she also won the Golden Globe in the same category. She gave a heartfelt acceptance speech at the Critics' Choice ceremony, thanking the women she spoke to during the filming who were fighting Alzheimer's in their daily lives, and she also thanked all her fellow actresses nominated in the category — except for one. Julianne Moore forgot to recognize Marion Cotillard for her turn in Two Days, One Night. The exclusion is being called a snub, and though it was definitely a little snafu, I think people are being too hard on Moore.

So she messed up! Girl must be exhausted. In the race for the Oscars, Moore has already gotten a handful of honors and is prepping for more. On Thursday, the Oscar nominations were announced, and Moore is among the contenders for Best Actress. She was ecstatic and reacted on Twitter, saying, "I am so happy I can barely breathe #makingmyselfdizzy." Look, I've got really heightened anxiety, and "making myself dizzy" is the exact reaction I would have to getting such a top honor.


She's got a lot on her plate, and it seems pretty easy to make a mistake and forget someone when you get the news you just won an award and all eyes are on you and you have to make it to the podium and hug so many people along the way and give a speech and make sure you enunciate and don't forget to thank everyone under the sun. Moore gave shout-outs to Jennifer Aniston, Felicity Jones, Rosamund Pike, and Reese Witherspoon, but, oops, she forgot Marion Cotillard. She apologized immediately on Twitter, though:

Julianne Moore seems like an all-around stand-up lady, so let's give her a break, OK? She seems genuinely horrified by her mistake and there's no doubting that Cotillard is, in fact, exquisite in everything. Plus, I don't know Marion Cotillard, but she seems classy and cool enough not to care about such trivialities such as this. She's having a busy season, too. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Two Days, One Night. She doesn't seem to have much reason to be bothered by the manufactured drama — do you really think a goddess such as Cotillard would be plagued with FOMO?

Plus, harping on the fact that Moore missed Marion detracts from her beautiful speech that spoke to the strength and talent of women in Hollywood. So let's cut her a little slack, and give her due congrats.

Image: Getty Images